We boast a variety of 8 individually decorated self-catering apartments and studios accommodating 16 guests. We offer 3 Premier Guest House style suites with one Commuter Suite which is an entry level unit for those looking for an economical suite.

Jax Place caters for the individual needs of our guests, letting them breathe easy from the moment you've secured your rental with us and start enjoying our luxurious spacious units.

Our clients enjoy that each unit is fully equipped with DSTV and complimentary Wi-Fi.

Guests who require high speed internet to work from their units at Jax Place have the 100Mbps fibre option as an additional choice to assist in fast and reliable connectivity.

  • Fully serviced en-suite bedrooms
  • Private entrance to each suite
  • Free Wi-Fi connected throughout the Guest House
  • Private DSTV in each suite
  • Relaxing and tranquil Zen garden
  • Business meetings available on The Deck
  • Secure private on-site parking monotored by CCTV cameras
  • Laundry services available on request